Giving up the American dream on purpose: Coming up for air in a delusional nation of Christians

Just throwing my thoughts out there for a book I'd like to write.

Giving up the American dream on purpose: Coming up for air in a delusional nation of Christians
It took quite a moment, quite a long moment, a definitive moment of understanding when I realized that I’ve been fed a sack of bologna a good portion of my short life.  Awareness of the person I was and the person I desire to become emerged and clashed drastically in a battle of critical thinking.  This ability to think for myself exploded just a few years ago and it’s the biggest battle I have had to face.  The contrast of so many doctrines, beliefs and notions steeped within me by others caused so many critical errors in my dealing with life, in dealing with people.  There were casualties everywhere, including myself.  Not all my thinking was done for me growing up, but on the issues in life that mattered most I was very much spoon fed, force fed and in some cases left to starve as questions within me arose and went ignored.  Those honest questions were also a threat to many along my journey.  And why would honest questions ever be a threat to anyone?  Maybe I asked dumb questions at times, but really, when did a child or anyone, for that matter, ever have a dumb question about God, about religion, about our world, when those very questions came from within their own souls and more importantly they came from an honest heart?  And with the ignoring of my questions came my acceptance of the inevitable life planned out before me in a never ending line of exact and precise steps.  These steps, unbeknownst to me at the time, would totally shape how I lived, how I loved or didn’t love, how I treated others, all others, how I thought of myself in an endless world of ways to offend God, what I thought of God, and where I put myself on a pedestal between God and man.  If only every parent pondered what they did, how they taught, lived and thought before and while they were having kids.  If only I started seeing how much I shape my children before and while I first began raising my own kids.  I would have done many things much differently.  And what things would that be?  I’ll get to that quite a bit later.  For now let’s take a tactical pause, a dramatic, life-giving methodical pause and think.  
Where have you been and where are you going and where do you want to go with your thoughts, with your life?  How has your life been defined by the people in your life?  Go back to your own childhood and ask how much of your decision making, your thought life and your treatment of yourself and others has been tainted by someone else’s spiritual design for you or destruction of you?  This book is for you if you are left today feeling like you have been a religious zombie, living life on auto pilot, following the path of your predecessors.  Did someone decide to make you into some sort of spiritual Frankenstein, being forced to freakishly dole out the system that was stored in you by others?  I say again this book is for you.  This is a place for you to be received.  Pull up a chair, have a seat and may the words of these finite pages holding words of infinite desire to help, may they touch the part of your heart that needs to be healed.  And ultimately may you be set free in time.  Take all the time you need. 
All in all, processing starts here, at the beginning.   

In the beginning there was a child
Growing up God’s way according to some, mom’s life in her home
Dad’s path to religious fundamentalism
Christianity, mental illness, fear and ignorance
Spiritual molestation of children and its five results(five children’s responses to spiritual abuse)
Groomed for control, to be controlled and to control others
Masquerading ignorantly until the cycle ends