Restoration is for Everybody

I am pretty enthralled with this idea that anything old could be made new.

I love watching shows that entail at length how to take an old house or a beat up item and make it brand new.  To see a big, aging farm house, burgeoning from decay and ruin, transformed bit by bit by the restorer is something that makes me just giddy with delight.  Seriously. 

Why is that?  Well, I'll get to that, too. 

I live in this type of old, almost centennial in its present state, home on an acre of beautiful country as rustic as it is itself.  The well-beaten wooden floor exposes it's life and the many feet that lived in it.  The walls would scream if we could see their ten layer painted undergarments.  And we fix this place, our place, bit by bit.  And that is the way that restoration comes.  Bit by little bit.  It is nothing but intentional and deliberate restoration and done by the maker.  And time and space are required and lot's of unfettered patience. 

We may rush the process along in restoring our home, but we very well may miss something in that hurried process and we did make mistakes while we cut corners to fix things in a headlong fashion.  No big deal.  We learn from our mistakes.  We tear it down and rebuild.  We restore it again and this time in the best manner we know how to restore.

And I get excited to see the new changes with this physical process, but I get even more excited when I ponder the light of Spiritual restoration in the lives of people.


How many of us know that spiritual restoration is absolutely without a shadow of a doubt for everyone on this earth?

There are many types of people in this world and God wants to restore every single one of them.  Did you know that? 

Forgive me for sounding so dogmatic, because truly I just came into this thought process recently.  God is a God of restoration.  I have said that quite a few times in the last year to various people, but it is now just beginning to open up its meaning to my soul and with a vengeance.

It's kind of mind boggling how God seems to be so undone with others while many of us are completely and all the time done with others.  Because...of their philosophy, because of the difference, whatever it is, because of the way they eat, on a more highly superficial note.  We are done.  We are done.  God is not.  He just isn't.  We should take our cue from God, Jesus, the Spirit and not be done with others or ourselves.  He is a God that restores what was lost, what was taken, what was broken and what was misused.  Or should I say who?

He restores the sinner and the saint.  He restores that one that won't shut up about any and everyone.  He restores the lost and the found, the blind and the seeing and the wicked, the religious and the irreligious.  He is constantly in the business of making something old completely brand new.

He did that for me...again and again and again and again and again.  He took a sinner and gloriously redeemed her.  He took an almost atheist and changed her mind.  He took a misguided, very religious, judgmental woman and showed her what true love is really all about.  And the restoration goes on and on and on in my life thank God.  It happened today and maybe again tomorrow.   

Then I look out on our world.  A beautiful world.  A chaotic world.  And wonder...who can I keep away from?  Not all of us do this, but I have done this.  Who can I keep away from?  And the hand that should be God's restoring extension is cut off.  Really.  A machete could not do a better job.  No, I do not think that God is limited to our intolerant hands, but He does and can use them and to full capacity.  We must open those withdrawn, clenched fists and let Him fill them with His mercy, forgiveness and love.     

And we have to live in this thought, day by day, that God is not done with that person yet, whoever they are.  Just assume that from the get go for everyone.  Because God is never done with anyone.  It is they who are done with Him.  We need to wake up each morning and think this way.  God is not done with me and He is not done with them.  God is a God of restoration.  He is and always will be.  How enlightening.  How freeing.  How loving and how empowering.

Let the restoring proceed and in some cases, begin.   






melanie said...

Well said Deb! Reminds me of a little craft my girls did at church - it's a cute little butterfly that says "Please be patient with me, God is not finished with me yet" - I put it up in the kitchen to remind me to be patient with them...However... so often I'm thinking He is not finished with ME yet!! Also, reminds me of the Sara Groves song "Help Me Be New" - & what is our response as God is restoring those around us, as Christ followers hopefully we are encouraging and loving others through the process rather than being skeptical.. - anyway, that's my thoughts - don't comment on many blogs, so not sure if that's the thing to do - LOL - but thanks for getting me thinking! Love ya lady!

Deb Paul said...

Thanks, Melanie. :)