The Safe, Irrefutable Sovereignty of God

Oh, wow, deep title.  Yeah, maybe the wording is a bit much.  We'll see and we'll get there to the meaning and maybe it will take more than one solitary post to express my thoughts. 

God is there or here, I believe.  He is all around and up and about in this world, in the air, in our every breath.  He is the author of my very being.  I believe.  Yes, I personally believe there is a God.  A loving and kind God who has an absolute reason for everything that happens in this world or in this life, my life.  I can tell you of the weirdest and rarest things that have happened to me and to others that I have seen or experienced personally that simply confirm further my belief in God.  I do believe in Jesus Christ as well as His being the perfect Son of God come to the earth to die for our sins and provide a life that is full of peace, guidance, help, forgiveness and hope.  But really, right now I want to focus on God and some of my thoughts...just my thoughts.  I do have some biblical basis to what I am saying but now I am not going to emphasize the bible verbatim because the spiritually abused have been most certainly sickened by the brow-beating with scripture they have endured or the misuse of the bible has weakened any desire they may have had to read the bible.  And who can blame you?  I have felt the very same way on many occasions.  Some of these thoughts in this post are just my guess and also have some biblical basis in general.  And my opinions come where I believe the bible is simply unclear.

God is there, all seeing, all knowing and all caring, therefore He is sovereign.  Sovereign is just a fancy word for being in control.  I do like, love this word that to me describes God.  Somehow the very word itself brings comfort to me.  Like, oh, there's a big, kind person out there that has things forever in check and nothing is random, flippant or without purpose on this earth for any person or for any reason.  Nothing is without a string attached to the very nature or plan of God somehow.  And in this vast pool of tragedy, blessing, cursing, sin and selfishness and pure love, hope and the goodness of mankind through Christ and in and of themselves, mayors running into burning buildings to save those inside, soldiers saving the life of a small child,  frail men, mere men landing planes within seconds of crashing saving the life of everyone on board, we wade, we swim and sometimes drown in this abyss of our brains being unable to wrap up or wrap around this idea of anyone, and I mean anyone being in total control of all of this.  All of this stuff.

It doesn't seem like control at all.  It seems like utter chaos.  Waves of water tall as church steeples crashing in and around 200,000 people, killing them.  A small child ripped piece by piece from her mother's womb in a desperate move to bring "normal" to a life or a deceitful "calm" to a fragile soul.  Millionaires thrive and the poor we have with us always and many more made poor by an endlessly weak economy, a culture or a government.  Joy overwhelming the souls of those looking into the faces of their newborn children for the first time while others languish over the loss of their own babies.  It's a chaotic world, isn't it?

Who is running this place, anyway?

And yet, I don't believe God intends for evil, or tragedies to persist, but they do for a reason all on there own in a way.  He doesn't pick tragedy  for certain ones and peace for others and He's not out to get you.  He's just not.  I don't believe that for a minute.  So how in the world do we get to this place of sovereignty, of Him being sovereign or being in control on this crazy earth and even in the slightest.

It's a narrow idea and I am going to take a stab at why I believe in this very safe place of God's sovereignty.  This place of realizing that God is indeed in control of it all.

Okay, call this a weak argument, but I just trust.  Trust.  I trust that what I believe about God is true.  Trust is my answer for you.  It's my answer for myself. 

Whoa, that's it?  Yeah, really, that's really it.  Trust.  Or faith.  We trust in fallible things every. single. day.  We trust in cars and we trust in planes, we trust in chairs and we trust in people, we trust in money, we trust in our ideas and we trust in ourselves knowing or we should be knowing full well that something or someone is going to fail us somewhere and more often than not at times.  Some have entire lives of things going wrong for that very reason.  Yeah, it's stuff and people we can see, but the reality still remains the same that there is always a risk.  Maybe to you there is a risk, a huge risk in putting your trust in Someone you cannot see, but what is there to lose but insecurity, fear, self-doubt, uncertainty, hopelessness,  a constant wondering if this is all there is with all the people that ever were in our own lives...

It's a simple idea and very stupid and pointless to some.  But for me, I am putting all my chips on God.  We bet on so much in this, people, money, life, kids, loves and the list goes on.  Would you ever dare to bet on God?  He's there.  He's not out for your head on a platter.  He's willing that all should believe that He is alive and wanting to live in you, comfort your every fiber of your being and love you unconditionally and without end.  And all in this life culminates perfectly to bring you to a certain place, to bring this world together for a certain purpose in a certain way.

He's my safest, irrefutable bet.      


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