Failing to Escape the Fallen Man

There are no guarantees in life.  Simply there are none.  None, I say.  I used to believe that if I follow a certain protocol then all will be well in my life, well, actually, I wasn't that naive, just mostly naive and what I really thought was that most would go well.  Well, well, well.  I no longer believe that.  And as a homeschooler to my five children I am striving to find a balance and rethink in this area of my life, because I am freetothink!  I do want to pass on my faith in Christ to my children, but I don't want to pressure my kids through manipulation, fear or bribery.  I simply want to live.  They are also told what I believe, we discuss the bible out loud, but I really want how I live to be the larger persuasive factor.  It's not my perfection that will win them over, I think, but my willingness to admit how imperfect I really am, making things right where I need to with them and simply marinating them in love, mine and God's.  But really, the reality is that we, none of us, can really fully escape the aftermath of the fallen man in life no matter how we think we will try and succeed.

Initially, when I decided to keep my kids out of any school, public or private, almost six years ago, I was on a mission to save my kids from this horrible world in which we live in and protect them from all evil.  Seriously.  But the reality was my kids needed to be saved from "fallen man" on all sides.  Mom had failed much at home to love, be kind, to care for my kids like I should have.  I lost my temper and I dare say, if my kids went to school the teacher would never get away with such antics.  I failed, I am fallen, but I get up, make it right and strive to go on to loving and walking in what I believe to be the Holy Spirit's ability in me to do better, to do right by my kids.  I thought I was "saving my kids from all evil," but I wasn't, not really.  They were just experiencing difficult things in a different way with different people. We are and were involved in all sorts of groups and co-ops where the other kids said mean things to mine and I am sure mine said some mean things to them, too.  Sometimes they were hit by another child or bullied.  I know we as parents need to step in where necessary, but no matter how much we do, there isn't a fool proof way of life that keeps our kids from experiencing difficult, hurtful and even downright unjust things.  Life-altering things that shape us and how we live and view the world and how we rest in God or in ourselves. 

I'll go even further and say the reality is that every church in this town has a plethora of fallen souls, so much that they are prowling to take hold of your children or influence them in some way or another that may be not what you were intending for the blessed souls that God has placed in your care.  It isn't the safest place on earth for your family to be, no matter how "separated" you think you are from the "world".  Even in the Mennonite and Amish communities where they have almost totally shut themselves off from the entire world they have dealt with sexual molestation, child abuse, and other things that aren't so pretty that affect the very same children they are trying so hard to protect.  I know many who have left those communities, never to practice those ways again and they are happy and well-rounded, Jesus- following individuals.  Did the world ruin them?  No, it made them better.  And the truth is we cannot escape fallen man.  They are everywhere.  Whether it be at home(even ourselves at times), at school or on the street or in church, fallen man is everywhere.  You can't run or hide fully nor do you need to be afraid, but simply trust in your God.  He is bigger than anything that your child may or may not experience. 


Ma said...

This is very much what has been on my mind. I homeschool and have been realizing the same things.

Fallen man is everywhere, but so is Christ and they will each have to encounter both in their own time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog. I've never responded to one before, but also, as a Christian, homeschooling mom of 5, I've been struggling with my imperfections and watching my "growing up" children not make the decisions I'd like, and be influenced by others negatively; blaming myself, my husband, and at times God. Yet when I remember we "all are but dust", Fallen man is everywhere as you say, it helps me to know that as my children see me fall, and see my repentance and reliance on the ONLY one who doesn't, it can help them learn to forgive themselves and have a healthy view of a loving God. The "perfect" family is not out there. For my children, GOD must be the one who has their hearts, and I can't do that for them. I have taught them His ways, THEY must make them their own. I pray I continue to let God shape and mold me for his purposes-no matter how uncomfortable that may be at times.

Heather said...

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Deb Paul said...

Thanks Ma and Anon for stopping by. I remind myself all the time that God is much bigger than circumstances. I do my best as a mom and if I don't then I usually figure it out after a while and begin again. Heather, I sent you a email. Hopefully yer not spamming me.