Happy Unmother's Day to You

I am a mother.  I have five that I am a mother to.  I always wanted to be a mother since I was very young and not because a certain ideology was pushed on me.  My mother had five of her own, but I think some of hers were more by accident and not because my dad wanted her to have a lot of kids.  When I was younger I had heard of women having a lot of kids in other families as a matter of belief.  My grandma had twelve and that always intrigued me, but I personally didn't grow up in a home that thought that way at all.  My parents weren't trying to keep up with the Jones' in that area so to speak.  I just loved babies...naturally.  I always did.  I loved being in the nursery at church.  I loved the smaller kids in my neighborhood growing up.  If I ever saw a baby, I would just die to hold him or her.  I couldn't wait to be a mother.  Being a mother is all I really ever wanted to be for the most part in life.  That might sound dumb to some, but it was just an honest girlhood ambition and not as a result of pressure from my parents or from the churches I attended.

So here I am a mother and so what?  Happy Mother's Day to me, aye?  I think I am a pretty okay mom, sometimes I love my job and sometimes I hate it.  Hoo, rah.  But as I sit here and hear, oh, tomorrow is Mother's Day on the radio.  On facebook everyone is wishing their mom a Happy Mother's Day and everyone else, too.  Yippee.  No, really, it's great, but I can't help but to think of all the wonderful women in the world right now who either can't be mothers or won't ever be mothers for one reason or another.  And to you, oh, childless woman, I say happy unmother's day to you.  You are seen by God on this earth and been given a place of great meaning to pursue your gifts and work your magic.  Being a mother isn't better than what you have been given to do and I see that today, this day where so many of you might hurt, a sting unsettled in your spirit when it feels like this thing called motherhood seems to get put on some higher plane and even if it's just for a day, you feel overlooked.

Motherhood isn't the best thing for you, what God gives you to do is the best thing and maybe you already know that.  I just wanted to encourage your unmothering soul with those words.  Happy Unmother's Day to you and know that you are cherished just as much as any mother by your God.  


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