Nobody's Perfect

"They say that nobody is perfect.  Then they tell you practice makes perfect.  I wish they'd make up their minds."
~Winston Churchhill


Perfection.  Is there such a thing?  Women long for a "perfect" body with a "perfect" face to match.  We tuck, we pull, we diet, we pluck and cover up who we are to be something that, to us, is better or good enough to ourselves or others.   Some people want their homes to resemble something that of a museum rather than a place where people live, a smell of perfection in every corner.  The question I have is if I try really hard, will I be perfect?  I'd like to say, yes, if I try really hard and "never give up" I'll be perfect, that I'll be a perfect mother and still have a perfect body after having five kids, be a perfect wife and yeah, if I try super hard, I'll be a perfect Christian.

Perfection...a state of not possessing a single, solitary flaw in any area of life.  And a place of resolute belief...perfection for some is a place of complete assurance about what one believes here on this earth.  For some perfection is grace and for some it is a cup of Yoplait yogurt.  Go figure.  But really nothing and no one is truly perfect.  Even Yoplait might have a bug in their yogurt cups from time to time.  The secondary cause for all deaths in America is due to medical errors, and yes, not even the most dedicated and committed nurses and doctors are, you guessed it, perfect.  

Getting back to that state of having a perfectly resolute belief system.  I wonder, is there such a thing?  Can we really figure out all that we need to know and understand in this life if we try really hard, if we read the bible enough or pray long hours?  I know so many different kinds of Christians and each one is convinced that they are right and that their belief system is "spot on" or perfect, rather.  Will Christians ever come to a place where they are all in perfect agreement about what truly matters in this life?  It seems like there is a unity to be had on earth among us if there is supposedly going to be unity forever in eternity.  It seems silly that we have to wait until then to be in agreement on the things that seem clear.  Love one another, feed the poor, help the fatherless and the widows in their affliction, love our neighbors.

Jesus died so we could be redeemed, but He also died to give us power to walk in perfect love towards one another.  Perfect love? 

I don't think He died and came back to life to empower His people for useless arguments over unclear issues.  I don't think He suffered so much for the empowerment of His disciples to struggle or strive in vain for things they will never fully understand here upon the earth. 

He died and came back to life because nobody's perfect.  We all have flawed ideas about life and about God.  Well, we try to come up with our good reasons for thinking or believing the way we do about what seems to be perfect ideology, but in vain we try.  I've tried.  I don't know anymore about much.

I know God is real.  His son, Jesus, is real to me and I believe He died to save mankind from sin.  I know that love should be the fruit of real Christianity, not control.  And again, I say I don't know about much else anymore.

I feel as if so many would like to inject "their" perfect thinking into my brain and yet, it is their feeble attempt to get me on their page instead of God's.  I want to be on His page alone.  I am imperfect, but He will guide me into all truth or so He has promised.  Jesus did not die in vain for me.  He did not vicariously hang in agony so that I could be left tramping around in the dark, alone, frightened and unable to find truth.

He did not beg His father in heaven to let his bitter cup of agony pass from Him just to observe a disbanded and disjointed people squabble over gnats of insignificance while swallowing the camels of deception.  And sadly, I have been guilty, but, yes, this imperfect woman is perfectly forgiven also. 

He did die, but He came back to life.  Breath flowed in Him again and not for vanity's sake, not for the ways and beliefs we have placed our stamp of perfection upon, our seals of approval over products of abundant pride.    

I admit I am hopelessly flawed, but not without help.  Yes, indeed, I am not perfect, but I am forgiven.  The life that I now live even in my imperfection can be one of seeing the truth, the truth of what I am and what I've done and will do and how I will live today and in the future.  And I am setting myself apart in my beliefs and observing what is clear.  

Yes, nobody's perfect and that is why Jesus died and who He now lives for.       

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