Glitzy, Fake Costume Jewelry Cult Crap

I remember back in the day, way back in the day when diamonds were pretty cool to me.  Having them, wearing them, owning something that was so expensive was really appealing to me at the time.  I was just thirteen or fourteen and I loved the thought of having two big diamond earrings in my ears and telling everybody, "Look, these are real diamonds!"  A friend of mine just had her dad buy her some nice ones and I thought I could save up for some, but then I realized, wow, at thirteen even little, real diamond earrings were out of my price range at the time.  So I shopped around to see if the stores had something that looked like a diamond without actually being a diamond.  At last I found some misfit, counterfeit "jewels" on the market by the name of a cubic zirconia.  I bought a pair of them there zircs and thought, yeah, nobody'll notice that they aren't diamonds, right?

I wore them to school thinking I was going to fool everyone one with my zircs.  I walked in the school door and saw my friends and said, "Hey, check out my diamond earrings!"  They were like, wow, look what she, uh, wait, those aren't diamonds!  Girl, yer wearing some cubic zirconias!  Yeah, I knew that.  Man!  I wanted to be cool and I wanted to be wearing something worth while, but really all I had on was some cheapo fakes instead.  The real pizazz you get from wearing a dazzling pair of real diamond earrings just wasn't there.  In fact, my zircs had a slightly dingy quality to them and they were less than sparkling clear or truly glitzy.  Yeah, I had some fake costume jewelry crap on.  I don't think I even wore them again after I knew they weren't really that attractive.

When I first saw the zircs, I thought, yeah, they'll pass for real diamonds, but after the scrutiny of my friends I realized how far off from diamonds those silly zircs really were.

There is a lot of funny stuff happening in the "Christian" world as we know it today and much of what I see seems so much like cubic zirconia in human flesh.  Pretty little, slightly dingy, lifeless human zircs with zirc-like philosophies, instead of what's real.  Instead of wearing real diamonds, they are sporting zircs in their ears, nose, around their neck and even in their belly buttons. 

Okay, now this blog is free to think, right?  I am here to tell you all...if it feels funny and looks funny and seems funny and smells funny and acts funny and you feel funny when you around "it", being exposed to "it", whatever the "it" funny stuff is for you, well, then it is funny.  If it walks like a duck, well you got it, right?  It's a duck.  I don't care how glitzy, fake costume jewelryish you think your junk is or some junk you are considering to believe in or follow in, well, it ain't the real deal.  Junk being anything you are throwing into the bible or Jesus pile that is just well, crap.  Glitzy, fake costume jewelry cult crap.  I don't like the word crap, but it's the best I can do to describe "this" without really telling you exactly what I think about "it".  Opinions don't factor in.  They are nice, they are well squabbled over or even easily agreed with, but they don't fall under the love your Jesus and your neighbor as yourself process that every free to think believer should focus on, then, well, it's just junk.  Uh, preconceived notions, yeah, they really stink, too, because they really keep you free and away from your think.

The bible talks about blind guides and the blind leading the blind.  Jesus was talking about the pharisees and I understand the context, but I think I can safely say we live in a world where there is so much of the blind leading the blind especially in our world of so-called "Christians".  Heck, I used to be one of those horrible blind guides.  It's a long process of healing and God helping you get out of that mess of a mindset for darn sure, but Jesus, I pray, get me out of those mindsets forever, yes, amen. 

People make up so many rules, rules that have absolutely zilch to do with loving Jesus and loving yer neighbor.  And who's yer neighbor?  The person standing next to you in that particular moment.  It doesn't have to be the guy living next door, but your beautiful daughter looking up at you or your co-worker in the desk next to yours, it's the bum on the corner when you drive by, it's the librarian, it's the waitress, it's yer wife, whatever, you get the point.  And let me tell you what rules are that have absolutely nothing to do with loving Jesus and loving yer know what they are...glitzy, fake costume jewelry cult crap.  Ugh, I hate that word, but well, it's the best I can do, I repeat.  I could say much worse, trust me, I would like to say much worse considering all the harm I have seen rules and opinions and preconceived notions do to other people, innocent people, little kids and whole families.  It would make you want to you use every cuss word in the book to express your outrage at this...this...this...glitzy, fake costume jewelry cult crap.  I invented a new phrase and I really, really, really like it.  

Let me rephrase and remake the thought again...rules, opinions and preconceived notions are the new pornography in the world of "Christianity".  It's a cult of personality pornography and it's an ill wind that blows no good thing.  You can shift crap around all day long on a table or in your hand and in any direction you want, you can manipulate it, you can mix it with good stuff, but it's still just your mind with crap in it...a glass of refreshing water with a speck or a whole  boat load of excrement in it...either way I am not drinking that supposed glass of refreshing water!

Listen people, Jesus was right when He said that a little leaven leavens the whole lump.  You wouldn't walk into a room with even a little bit of a poopy smear on our face.  We wouldn't drink a glass of water with a speck 'o crap in it either, but there is such a vacuum cleaner style approach so prevalent out there for all the cult like stuff floating around.  Thar in them thar hills, the hills of our minds and hearts, the hills are alive and not with the sound of music, but with the sobs of many being abused, misused, misguided, lied to and pimped out in these hills or pastured upon as the bible calls it in Ezekiel 34.  The books, the seminars, the ideas, the junk and more junk, the if you just pay...$19.95 you'll have all your spiritual dreams come true.  Or what I heard from someone say to me recently, if you just come to church three times a week I can gull darn guarantee your spiritual success!  What a crock!  In life, there is only one guarantee and that is Jesus and His love and the rest added in to get you bound up or sucked in to seek a life of perfection or get some formula that will never work no matter how much you use's a crock, my friends.

I'm hear to tell you and myself, keep yer rules, opinions and preconceived notions outta' the all encompassing truth of loving God, Jesus and loving yer neighbor as yourself.  Keep that glitzy, fake costume jewelry cult crap out of your life, outta' your home, and away from your person.  It has NOTHING to do with Jesus.  You are totally and completely free to be responsible with the real and loving Jesus and His message of truth, life and hope because you are free to think.  Get you some real bling with the real thing!  Ain't nothing like the real Jesus, baby!  Seriously, now.  He loves you and I love you and we don't want to see you get hurt!

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