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They are sweet, precious, and wonderful.  They are mind-numbing work, too, especially the first three years. After that it's really cool to see them grow into these little, wonderful flowers who are free.  Seeing them roam where they may, wish they might, freely and free to think for themselves and to be guided in love by people who are here to protect them.

But, my, oh, my, what you PUT in is what you get out.  Oh, well, there now, you have a baby turned into a weapon for the whole of society or tuned into a precious gift to the world to help the broken and wounded and so-called failures.  DON'T I get it...babies are weapons thrown upon the world like bombs if I choose that path.

And it's much more easily done than you can even think.  I can think of one hundred weapons personally, at least, right off the top of my head roaming around there, out there in the world, screwing things up in a big way.  Lying, hating, stealing, pillaging and leaving bodies on the floor everywhere.  And I almost became one cog in the wheel of this madness. can't.  Not knowing now what I didn't know yesterday.

Yeah, it's really bad.  Volumes...coming to light.  I've got a headache and I don't want to do this today.  I don't feel good and Jesus, says I'll do it for you.  Help people and's okay.  I'll hold you up.  I'll strengthen you.  Take a sip from my glass of strength and press on...

I must press on.

Babies.  My favorite.  Not everybody's but mine.  I loved my little niece, the first new born I ever held in my empty arms, broken arms, I was nine and she was a fresh breath of air in the house of pain, she still is.  I loved her, fought over her when I was little and now I miss her terribly.  It all started there...I was hooked.  Babies were my thing.  I wanted to be a MOM and I didn't care too much if I was much the TIME.

Now, I realize I am much more than a MOM, I am a child of God and a freer of the abused, broken and abandoned and I am hear to tell you, babies can be your sick weapon of choice if you are not CAREFUL.

Don't believe me, just pick up any newspaper and worse than that, go find a church somewhere and stay for a while.  It's hairy.  It's gritty.  It's raw.  It's evil.  Babies being turned into these mindless creatures that go and decimate people in their path for their own, sick, hurtful devices.  And it's rampant and it's real.  Quit closing your eyes, stopping your ears and ignoring.  It's there.  The real Holy Spirit will show you where...just ask Him.  He'll tell you EVERYTHING you need to know and He'll use broken refuse like me to help you, too. 

What you PUT in is what you get out.

No better example than of MY OWN MESS I have created over here...the land of the pious and self-righteous.  This is my LAND not your land, MY land.  You figure YOURS out.  This is my land from the front porch to the back door.

Kids that used to be babies.  And NOW I see IT.  What AM I trying to do to them?  To you...once they leave here?  Oh.  I've got a headache.  And a sadness.  What have I done?  Recreated my own madness and it is going to stop.

I am so vividly reminded of the time I went to a Mennonite camp meeting and it wasn't bad, it was actually rather freeing in some ways, but I noticed something that JUMPED out at me like lightening.

Even back then, I, something is not right here.  I was the only one dressed normal and I mean covered up, just normal and no head covering (they wear stuff, and it's different for different Menonites, on their heads to signify something, I don't want to get into that now, later maybe.) and the kids...that used to be babies with their own parents pouring in, daily cultivating them....the kids stared at me in total disgust and wouldn't speak to me.  No, yeah, and you can't get a disgusted, shriveled up frowning face wrong, not with kids and not with these kids, they wanted me to know that I was an infiltrator.  Why were they doing that to me?  Because something was clearly getting hammered in their head about fill in the blank.  And I have felt this way around other people's kids as well and you may have felt that way around mine. 

Listen, and hear me loud and clear.  When free believers are does the world become a..........

Hothouse for Hatred said it and I am telling you now, I already see it in my own home and its going to stop, I want it to stop in Jesus' name.

Babies becoming weapons of hater rather than vessels of love.

Think of that the next time you pick up your sweet, cooing baby with beautiful curled hair. 


Carey said...

Check out todays broadcast on the link below...its titled what can i do as one person, starting in around 21 minutes, I thought it to be very interesting.

outsidethebox said...

Thanks, Carey. And thanks for tuning in.